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Hello! Welcome to the Keathley family homepage in honor of Joe and Hazel Keathley's memory. Because our families live so far apart, we would like to keep the lines of communication open through this website. For those of you with your own internet accounts and web space, we welcome you to make your own pages. I will link to them from this site, or send your information to me, and I will post it here. We can also scan photos and mail them back to you if you're interested in posting photos and do not have a digital version.

~In Loving Memory~

Joe Keathley - October 9, 1906 - February 7, 2004
Hazel Emileen Keathley - February 4, 1922 - December 14, 2006

If you would like to post information for the family to read, or would like a username / password to the family tree area, please email me at .